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#1 Bulk Email Verification tool to validate thousands of emails at once

Verify the validity and existence of up to 50,000 email addresses in one go with our bulk email validation tool.

Email Verification Bulk GUI

Easy bulk email validation API calls to verify that:

  • Convenient and hassle-free

    There’s no need to validate email addresses one by one with our bulk email verification tool. You can upload up to 50,000 email addresses in one go, saving you time and effort.

  • Easy-to-use GUI

    Our bulk email validation tool is not complicated. Simply upload your email list in CSV format and download the result in CSV, XML, or JSON formal—whichever suits you.

  • Precise and comprehensive email cleansing

    The bulk email verification tool can detect email addresses from over 2,000 disposable email providers aside from checking for syntax, mail server & mailbox existence, if catch-all, and if coming from a free email service provider.

Practical usage

Improve email marketing metrics

Improve email marketing metrics

Make it a habit to run your email marketing list through our bulk email verification tool to ensure that it is clean and free from invalid and nonexistent email addresses. The tool detects syntax errors and disposable email domains, which can drastically affect crucial email marketing metrics, such as open and bounce rates. By cleaning your email list, you can improve these metrics.

Minimize faulty signups and increase earning potential

Monitor your subscriber list for faulty signups using our bulk email validation tool. Abusive users may use invalid or disposable email addresses to take advantage of freemium features without the intention of upgrading their accounts. Legitimate users could also mistype their email addresses, making password resets and general communications difficult.

Minimize faulty signups and increase earning potential
Boost threat hunting capabilities

Boost threat hunting capabilities

Make email validation part of your cybersecurity best practices and detect threat actors who often use invalid and disposable email addresses to ensure anonymity when they launch spam and phishing campaigns.

Email Verification Bulk Lookup | WhoisXML API

Check our Bulk Email Verification API

Upload up to 50,000 email addresses via API call to get a verification request ID. Use this ID to check the status of your request and download the results.

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