Check the availability, validity, and quality of your email list right away

For checklists of emails with the Bulk API, first, upload the emails to the server which will create a verification request and return its ID to you.

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Email Verification Bulk API

For a given list of emails, we check

  • Syntax

    Check if the email address conforms to the IETF standards by using a complete syntactic email validation engine.

  • Typos and curse words

    Check the email address against for common typos regarding popular email domains. Check fake email patterns.

  • Disposable email address

    Check if the email address is supplied by a known Disposable Email Address provider such as Mailinator, 10MinuteMail, GuerrillaMail and 2000+ more.

  • Mail server existence

    Check the availability of the email address domains by using DNS MX records.

  • Mailbox existence

    Check if the email address exists and can receive emails by using SMTP connection and email-sending emulation techniques.

  • Catch-all email address

    Check if the email address can receive emails for any number of other email addresses.

Disposable Email Domains Data Feed

Disposable Email Domains Data Feed

Get a complete list of current disposable email domains. We provide the most relevant data in a suitable format.

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Email Verification Bulk API

Get 1,000 free requests monthly. No credit card required.

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API access through WhoisXMLAPI can be purchased as an annual subscription. The access pricing is based on the number of queries, which is measured monthly with per-minute rate limits. The pricing structure gives predictability to business planning and solution architecture.

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