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Disposable Email Domains list to detect temporary and fake email addresses

Find out if a given email is from a disposable or fake email service provider with the most relevant and up-to-date data available.

Disposable Email Domains Data Feed
301 Million+Email addresses verified
159,000+Disposable email domains
2,000+Disposable email providers monitored
52,000+Satisfied customers

Test if an email address is disposable with our demo tool

WhoisXML API monitors most disposable email address (DEA) service providers by using advanced detection algorithms to identify and list down suspicious and abusive temporary email domains in its comprehensive and growing database. You can test out if an email address disposable using our demo tool:

Or access a sample of our disposable email domains.

Our temporary and fake email domain list is:

  • Complete

    Our coverage is extensive. We monitor 2,000+ disposable email service providers with tens of thousands of temporary and fake email domains included in our database.

  • Growing

    Potential abusers constantly register temporary and fake email addresses. We always keep an eye out for new disposable email domains and update our database every day.

Access disposable email domains to:

Build more powerful commercial platforms

  • Disposable Email Domains Data Feed is an excellent source of threat intelligence to add to email security platforms as disposable domains and temporary email addresses are commonly used to conduct phishing and BEC attacks.
  • Developers and product managers of marketing intelligence platforms can use our list of disposable and fake email domains to create premium validation features benefiting email marketers.
Build more powerful commercial platforms
Get maximum ROI from your and clients’ marketing efforts

Get maximum ROI from your and clients’ marketing efforts

  • Disposable Email Domain Data Feed can help enterprise marketing departments and digital marketing agencies block fraudulent sign-ups and poor-quality leads.

Clean up your email list of fake and temporary domains

  • Recognize and ban any single-use or temporary email address as an email validation technique so you can effectively maintain contact with your users.
  • Get your bounce rate down and improve your email reputation to get better marketing results and stay ahead of the competition.
  • Keep your mailing campaign expenses down by ignoring suspicious emails in your address book.
Clean up your email list of fake and temporary domains
Users validation

Validate users

If your site suggests that users should register before being granted access to certain content, a few disposable or fake email addresses are likely to end up on your list, as users often like to try and circumvent this process. Ensure that only valid email addresses are accepted.

Reduce risks of free-tier abuse

If you offer a free plan, users may attempt to abuse it through disposable email domains.

Keep churn rates low

Those who sign up with throwaway email addresses are far more likely to add to your SaaS churn rate than those who use regular email addresses.

Disposable Email Domains | WhoisXML API

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is a disposable email domain?

    A disposable email domain refers to the root domain name used by a disposable email address (DEA). In the disposable email address example@zevars[.]com, for example, the disposable email domain is zevars[.]com.

  • Are there other terms used for disposable emails?

    A disposable email is also known as a “throwaway email address,” “fake email address,” “temporary email address,” “burner email address,” “single-use email address,” “use-and-throw email address,” and “one-off email address.”

  • What can disposable email domains be created for?

    Disposable email domains can serve various purposes. Disposable email addresses can be used by those who want to protect their privacy or to avoid receiving spam or unsolicited messages in their official mailboxes.

    Disposable email domains may also be used for repeated registrations to a service, possibly leading to freemium abuse, and are sometimes found to be used in spam and phishing.

  • Who can use disposable email domains lists?

    A list of disposable email domains is handy for SaaS business owners and website administrators who want to ensure that users only sign up to their services with their official email address. By doing so, they increase their chances of converting users.

    Cybersecurity teams can use a list of disposable email domains to weed out and block possible malicious emails.

    A disposable email domains list can also help marketing professionals clean their contact lists to improve vital marketing metrics.

  • How often do you update your list of disposable email domains?

    Our disposable email domains database is updated every day. We keep an eye out on more than 2,000 disposable email providers, and we regularly add new disposable email domains to our already extensive list.

    Daily updates to our database ensure that new disposable emails are constantly monitored, and you can spot malicious ones before they do any damage.