Get a complete current list of disposable email domains

Find out if a given email is from a disposable email service or not, with the most relevant and up-to-date data available.

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Disposable Email Domains Data Feed

The data we provide for Email Verification is

  • Comprehensive

    We detect services like Mailinator, MintEmail, GuerillaMail, 10 Minute Mail, Fake Inbox and many more - protecting you against an ever-increasing number of fake email domains. More than 43,402 domains are currently in the database.

  • Up-to-date

    We continuously monitor the field. New domains added by existing trashmail domains become visible as they come into use, and you will get them as a daily update datafeed.

Practical usage

Make sure you get to keep your clients

Make sure you get to keep your clients

Disposable email addresses prevent you from retaining your customers.

Straighten up your email list

  • Recognize and ban any single-use or temporary email address so as to maintain contact with your users.
  • Diminish email bounce rate and keep up your email reputation whenever sending out newsletters or notifications. Even top brands need to be concerned about their email reputation.
  • Keep your mailing campaign expenses down by ignoring suspicious emails in your address book.
Straighten up your email list
Users validation

Users validation

If your site suggests that users should register before being granted access to certain content, a few DEAs are likely to end up on your list, as users often like to try and circumvent this process. Ensure that only valid email addresses are accepted.

Reduce the risks of the Free Tier abuse

If you offer a free plan, users may attempt to abuse it through disposable email domains.

Keep the churn rate low

Those who sign up with throwaway email addresses are far more likely to churn from your SaaS than those with their regular email addresses.

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