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Making requests

API endpoint


In order to check lists of emails with the Bulk API, first upload the emails to the server which will create a verification request and return its ID to you. Then you can use this ID to query the request's status, download results etc.

The API expects parameters to be JSON-encoded in the body of each request.

Postman collection

Postman is a desktop and web application that allows you to make requests to an API from a graphical user interface. We recommend using Postman with WhoisXML APIs endpoints when exploring the APIs functionality, as well as when you are troubleshooting issues with your application.

The WhoisXML API Postman collection is available at the following links:

The collection includes a preconfigured environment. You will need to set up the api_key variable to fire each request. Get your personal API KEY on the My products page. If you have questions related to the API, contact us.