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X Ways to Improve your Marketing Campaigns with Email Validation

Posted on January 24, 2019

Are you looking to supercharge your email marketing? Would you like better targeted, more effective engagement, with increased ROI? Email validation is not only the easiest and most practical way to improve marketing campaigns in the digital space; it also provides dividends throughout the cross-channel marketing spectrum: from first consumer contact to sales and to retention data analysis.

What is Email Validation?

Validation of email lists is both the practice and toolset for ensuring that email marketing databases are up to date and correct. It’s much more than checking spelling and syntax of retained email addresses, and confirming that they’re associated with active accounts (vital though these functions might be). It’s also validating that they belong to consumers, not bots, who are viable targets for your marketing campaigns.

Why Validate?

Validation is a go-to resource to improve marketing campaigns because it ensures efforts are targeted only at vetted, valuable consumers who are interested in what you have to sell. It increases marketing return on investment by eliminating wasted or repetitive efforts in your campaign outflow. It promotes more accurate marketing analysis by eliminating the “data noise” associated with email outreach targeted toward invalid, non-vetted, or non-consumer accounts. It can help build brand loyalty by delivering email marketing directly and only to opted-in consumers, and eliminating unsolicited appeals. Validation streamlines marketing efforts, saves money, and boosts sales.

Improve marketing campaigns results by validating emails

How to get started

Validation processes are scalable, customizable tools that can be adopted (and adapted) to help any business, and to improve marketing campaigns of every scope. They often start with a simple (yet thorough) internal review of email databases designed to check for corrupted data and obvious syntax errors. From there, we crawl database entries to cross-check and confirm each email address is live and active, and that it is associated with the consumer who opted in for information and updates. Our validation services will also scrub your database, removing invalid entries and leaving a clean, filtered list.

Choose your solution

Initiating a validation project, as is the case with taking on any new business process, starts with the recognition that a problem exists. Next come the will and resolution to do something about it. With those prerequisites in place, there are virtually unlimited options for how to proceed. Begin with an internal dialogue that defines the goals and performance indicators for the effort and set the budget accordingly.

Why not start today?

Email has been the quintessential tool for 21st-century engagement marketing. Current cross-channel trends and next-gen devices will only strengthen that. If you use email to stay in touch with customers, then you need programs and processes for accurate and efficient outreach. Email database validation improves marketing efforts both on the Internet and offline alike, through smart, targeted resource allocation. Get started with email validation today and get ready to reap the rewards.

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