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Top 3 Ways to Bring in More Sales By Using Email Validation

Posted on December 24, 2018

There's a fine line between consumer data accuracy and easy user experience (UX). For marketing purposes, you want to harvest accurate consumer data and, luckily, there are many web applications available to help you do just that. However, some of them are obtrusive, stopping the customer in their tracks and frustrating them in their quest to validate information. There are also others that send confirmation messages in an effort to increase data accuracy without interference but often with poor results. That leaves many businesses with outdated sign-up forms to reach out to consumers, which is a shame because they could be doing much better.

How? Proactive business owners and marketers are using email verification APIs to increase their bottom lines.

Use Email Verification and boost sales

What are Email Validation APIs?

Email marketing on its own is a highly-effective marketing tool but when you combine it with email verification services, you can use it to really boost your conversion rate. When using email marketing, it's vital that the emails sent by your business are validated, verified, and received by your clients.

Bounced emails are most commonly caused by unverified email addresses. If the bounce rate reaches a certain level, email campaign providers like Constant Contact or MailChimp can choose to cancel your business account to protect themselves, as they see it, from fraudulent activity. By being able to verify emails using email validation, you eliminate that risk.

Email Validation APIs, like Email Verification API verify your visitors' emails and information, weed out fake or potentially dangerous emails, and take your email marketing campaigns to the next level.

Email Verification for business

3 Ways Email Verification Helps Boost Your Sales

Here's how email verification services can help increase your sales with email validation.

1. Real-time Email Verification

The ability to ensure consumers are using valid, verified emails is invaluable to you for a number of reasons.

  • This system identifies user typos as the email is being entered and prompts the user to make corrections before completing registration.
  • It guarantees that your users will be able to reset their password if they should need to do so in the future without further validation.
  • It allows you to stay connected with your customers to let them know of new products and services, sales, credit card expirations, and more.
  • It’s a system that improves your reputation as a sender and boosts the success of your email campaigns while reducing your bounce rate.

2. Customer Segmentation

When you use email verification, you can segment your customers easily into groups because you'll know which of them are opening and reading your emails and which aren't. It allows you to focus your efforts on your readers. And when knowing you have a clean list, you can further segment your customers into groups by gender, interests, purchase history and more.

3. Security

With the API tool blocking users from signing up with fake or disposable email addresses, you eliminate people trying to take advantage of your offers or disrupt whatever other reasons they have for trying to avoid giving you an authentic email address. By allowing only verifiable business and personal email addresses to register, you reduce the risk of abusive and fraudulent behavior on your website.

How does it work?

When you use an email address validation tool like Email Verification API, you'll have a service with a solid process in place.

  • Syntax: It ensures that the email conforms to IETF standards using a syntactic validation engine.
  • Misspellings and Unacceptable Words: The entered email is matched against common typos for popular domains, checked for patterns and against a list of common obscenities.
  • Disposable Addresses: The email is checked against a list of known disposable email domains.
  • Mail Server Existence: The availability of the email is checked against DNS MX records.
  • Mailbox Existence: The system verifies that the email exists and has a valid SMTP connection and can receive emails.
  • Catch-All Detection: The email is checked to determine if it's a repository for a number of other email addresses.

As you can see, an email verification service like Email Verification API has a lot to offer businesses and marketers in streamlining their marketing efforts and allowing them to better focus their efforts on the customers most likely to buy their products and services.

Here’s why it could benefit you

Many businesses have experienced a revenue lift and increased sales (sales tend to increase with email validation) from the use of email verification services. It doesn't take long to implement them and they don't negatively impact your website's UX. For many, the multiple benefits of using such a service to boost their marketing efforts more than justifies the reasonable cost.

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