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Improving Your Company’s Reach with Real-Time Email Verification

Posted on August 30, 2018

A essential part of signing up new customers for your services is getting their email addresses so that you can reach out to them. Most of the time customers input their addresses correctly the first time and all goes smoothly from there. However, a small percentage of potential customers misspell their addresses, which can cause any number of issues. Active email validation can help improve your company’s reach by spotting errors before they become much bigger problems.

Help the Customers Out

Typos happen every day, but a bad time to misspell is when someone is entering his or her email address into your company’s sign-up page. If the customer does not notice this mistake, it could deny him or her access to your company’s communications or even your initial services if they need to set up an account to purchase anything. The only way to resolve this misunderstanding would be to call customer service, which can be a lengthy solution and at that point, the customer may have even decided against using your company’s services.

Protect yourself from mistaken emails

By using real-time email validation, though, as soon as the customer enters the email address, it is put through an algorithm and the algorithm can discover whether or not the address is hosted on the specified domain name. For example, if the customer types in “,” the software searches through Gmail’s servers to see if “john.doee” exists and if not, as soon as the customer stops typing the address, an error message will pop up and the customer can fix the issue before it causes more issues.

Protect Your Business’s Reputation

If your company attempts to send messages to invalid email addresses, you will have what is called “hard bounces”, which can damage your company in the long run. Email sending platforms take note of the percentage of hard bounces you have, and if the percentage reaches a dramatic point, then the platform will make it more difficult for you to send out company emails to customers.

Bring email spam to minimum using email validation

Real-time email validation does not allow users to continue if they type invalid email addresses, so your percentage of hard bounces will be lower. Also, if a bot attacks your site and puts in hundreds of fake email accounts and you try to send emails to all of them, your reputation score can take a massive hit and hurt your company’s communications in the long term. So real-time email verification helps to protect your company and its reputation by only allowing valid email addresses to be entered in sign-up pages, making sure you do not receive as many hard bounces.

What to Take Away

Spotting errors when they first arise is one of the best ways to keep your company thriving, and real-time email validation is just one way of doing that. You will be able to reach out to more customers by making sure they put in correct email addresses so they can access your services. With reputation protected this way, your company will benefit from not having a high percentage of hard bounces, and its reach is bound to grow.

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