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4 Reasons for Using E-mail Address Verification to Clean Up your List

Posted on May 6, 2019
Using Email Verification to clean your list

Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of online marketing. Even with the growing popularity of social media marketing, many still use their emails for professional purposes. Furthermore, most people prefer to be contacted via email since it is seen as a less-intrusive form of communication. This is especially true when receiving emails from non-personal contacts. Maintaining an email list can be complicated when senders decide to use fake or corrupted emails. Using email verification is a great way to clean up your email list and ensure that the users are real. Here are a few reasons for using email address verification in order to clean your list.

1. Increase your email deliverability.

Email deliverability simply refers to a person or website's ability to send emails to the inboxes of their subscribers. Many people hold this statistic in high esteem and see it as the hallmark for determining whether their email campaign will be successful or not. While there are other metrics that can help determine the effectiveness of a campaign, email deliverability is one of the strongest indicators. By having subscribers verify their email address, you can effectively increase your email deliverability. This statistic will also ensure that your campaign is favored by internet service providers.

2. Reduce your bounce rate.

Bounce rate is another important indicator when measuring the success of your email list and campaigns. A high bounce rate will negatively affect your inboxing rates and email deliverability. There are some email providers who will even suspend your account if your bounce rate exceeds a certain threshold. Requiring subscribers to verify their email address will help to reduce the number of discontinued, fake, and corrupted emails from joining your overall list. This will help to keep your bounce rate from going too high.

Valid email addresses for better marketing

3. Increase the number of valid email addresses.

There is nothing worse than gaining a substantial number of email addresses only to realize that a large portion of them is corrupt or fake. There are countless websites where users can receive temporary or fake email addresses in order to receive special offers that require a subscription. Requiring email verification is a great way to clean up your email list. After all, an email list consisting of valid email addresses is far more valuable, usable, and scalable than a list full of fake addresses. The verification process will help to reduce the number of invalid email addresses that subscribe to your lists.

4. Avoid sending emails to spam traps.

Spam traps are email addresses that are used to sign up for subscriptions for the sole purpose of flagging certain emails. The spam traps, also known as honey pots, can spell disaster for your email list's sender score. These spam traps can even get some subscriptions blacklisted by active internet service providers. The most advanced and up-to-date email verification systems will be able to determine which emails are part of these spam traps.

Email address verification is one of the most important components of maintaining a successful email list. These four strategies can help clean up your email list and ensure the future success of your email marketing.

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