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4 Reasons Why In-Form Email Verification Is an Essential Tool

Posted on July 20, 2018

Emails are an incredibly effective way to reach a large audience in a short time. However, between figuring out whether or not email addresses are spam or real and trying to keep user information secure, the job of collecting and authenticating email addresses can be difficult. Using in-form email verification makes collecting emails significantly easier and can save you and your readers quite a bit of time and peace of mind.

4 Reasons Why In-Form Email Verification Is an Essential Tool

Better Security

Not verifying email addresses can put a person’s personal information in the hands of a stranger. Using someone else’s email to sign up for an account is easy if such accounts don’t require any type of verification. When this happens, a stranger will have access to information on the user’s email address, and they may also leave behind information about themselves, too. By using email validation, you will be able to protect your user information from reaching someone else, and likewise, you’ll help to keep strangers’ information out of your users’ inboxes.

Prevents Errors

When typing quickly, especially on devices with smaller screens, errors are bound to occur. Realizing you’ve made a mistake seconds after submitting information can result in frustration, and ultimately, users may not bother to sign up with their correct information if the process is too difficult. In-form email verification is able to spot mistakes before information is submitted. This makes the overall process of signing up or registering a better experience for your users by reducing the chance of typing in an incorrect email address.

An Authentic Audience

Whether you’re sending out newsletters, information about your company’s latest campaign or asking for feedback, it’s essential to reach your intended audience. The last thing you want to happen is for the work you and others have put into the email to go to waste by the email going straight into spam or trash folders. In-form email verification vastly reduces the likelihood of your emails being sent out to incorrect or spam accounts due to the email verification tool. By reaching your intended audience, you’ll be able to market your products or services effectively, obtaining the ability to increase revenue and expand your reach over time.

Saves Time and Money

On your own, figuring out how to juggle keeping email addresses secure and sending emails to genuine users can be a stressful thing to do. Allowing your users’ information to be spread can be a costly mistake and result in you losing your audience and your reputation. Email validation takes out the guesswork of authenticating emails and looks out for spam addresses. Using a preventative measure like this tool is far better than having to react to a flood of spam or explaining how information was accessed by a stranger. With the extra time and money you save from a professional validation service, you can invest in your business in other areas.

Email is an important tool that you can use to market yourself, your business or products and services. Take advantage of email verification programs that protect your users’ information and authenticate email addresses for you. With the right program, you’ll efficiently reach your audience and get your message across.

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